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Administration and Donations

After careful consideration, we have decided to consolidate our UK and US offices to cut down on administrative costs, meaning a larger percentage of your contributions will go directly to support Korean animals.

IAKA UK will remain a registered charity in the UK (#1115187) and will maintain a UK address for purposes relating to official registration correspondence only. This address is IAKA UK, Flat 5, 186A Lawrence Hill, Bristol, BS5 0DR. However, we ask that future donations and letters be sent to our US office for processing, PO Box 20600, Oakland, CA, 94620-0600, USA.

We accept donations of UK pounds sterling and UK cheques, as we maintain a UK bank account. We also accept online credit card donations, but these donation values are calculated in US dollars.


In 2006, IAKA UK formally registered with the UK government as a charity (#1115187). IAKA UK was established to help IAKA spread its message against the cruel and inhumane dog and cat meat trade and to bolster its efforts to raise funds for the invaluable animal protect work happening within Korea.

The politics of dog eating is complex and the anti-dog meat campaign has suffered as a result of various misunderstandings surrounding dog and cat meat consumption. In order to make a real change, it is essential to correct these misconceptions and rally international support from dedicated local organizations that have in-depth understanding of dog and cat consumption. IAKA UK has been making communications between UK members and IAKA easier and has been providing the general public and UK members with up-to-date information. In addition, IAKA UK has been playing an important role in forming a coherent and strong voice against the pet animal meat markets; getting across the message that dog and cat eating in modern Korea has nothing to do with tradition, but stems instead from greed and lies. The participation and initiatives of our UK supporters helped us prevent the passing of the Amendment to the Animal Protection Law which would have legitimized the distinction between pet dogs/cats and food dogs/cats.