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Hygienic Control of Dog Meat


In 2004, the Korean government proposed legislation for the "hygienic control of dog meat," arguing that the government regulation of slaughter was the only way to insure that the process would be done humanely and under sanitary conditions. While the proponents of this proposal argue that they are acting in the interests of animal welfare and public health, it was clear that the true motive for the proposal was to provide a backdoor to the legalization of dog meat.

IAKA sprung to action, calling on our supporters to send a clear message to the Korean government to stop their attempts to legalize dog meat. We collected thousands of petitions, and many of you wrote personal letters expressing your disgust and outrage.

We are happy to announce that the newly revised animal protection law has been passed and that we have succeeded in defeating the proposal for hygienic control. Not only have we stopped this proposal, but we have also succeeded in influencing the government to pass stronger legislation and tougher penalties against animal cruelty.

We thank all of you who contributed to IAKA's efforts in helping us to defeat the proposal for the hygienic control of dog meat. Please read more about the new Animal Protection Law in our news section